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How We Work...Works

Successful financial planning is a team effort, and all of us command a fierce and unwavering commitment to putting the best interests of our clients first. This fiduciary mindset extends to our industry partnerships; if we are unable to offer advice in a particular area, all it takes is a phone call or email to secure the expertise our clients expect and deserve.

Ethics and integrity guide our every recommendation. While we came to financial planning from different walks of life, that diversity now helps us empathize with each client’s specific situation. Talking about money can be discomforting and awkward, but we have a reputation for jargon-free education and candid advice. That in turn empowers our clients to take charge of their finances and banish the anxiety and fear around money decisions. Our philosophy is that it’s your money and your timeframe; we are there to help guide smart financial decisions with our best advice.

Food and Finance with Shelley™ is our innovative education initiative that breaks down financial information into digestible bites. For more information or to schedule a program for your employees, please visit FoodandFinancewithShelley.Com.

What we do for a living is a privilege that we never take for granted.